The NEW Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Club

Welcome to the Tuscaloosa Gun Club website.  However, Tuscaloosa Gun Club is now Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Club and the range we used South of Moundville has now been vacated and the new club resides at a great new facility located at 13401 Lake Harris Road in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (35406).  The new facility opens January 2, 2015 and will allow us to provide safe shooting ranges for virtually any discipline the club wishes to support.  In the past our range only offered a 50-yard Pistol Range, a 100-yard Rifle Range and a Falling Steel Plate Pistol Area.  As we open our new facility we will again have a 50-yard Pistol Range and a 100-yard Rifle Range but we will also open a new 300-yard Rifle Range and multiple ranges for Steel Challenge, Tactical or Defensive Training.  Additionally, in Phase Two, which we hope to complete in early 2016, we hope to open some Shotgun Ranges.  We see the Shotgun area as the one, which will attract our new members most, and for this reason we are committed to make that a 1st Class venue.  Another feature of that area will be a large Dove Field to support several Shoots for our members & guest.

Due to a fortunate turn of events we will also have a 1000-yard Rifle Range and also a 50-yard Bullseye Pistol Competition Range along with a twin Training Range connected by a Training Facility.  We expect this phase to be completed before 2018.  At this time this is the extent of our plans for our ranges, we want to maintain enough flexibility to not constrain our vision and development in the future.

Nevertheless, just as we were a SAFETY FIRST organization in the past, we are committed to be even more so in the future.  We have always been a Family Friendly shooting club and we will not change that in the future.

We were founded on Pistol Competition and although we will not do that at this time, our Bullseye Competition Facility, when completed (as earlier stated in the 2017-2018 time frame) we expect to have the foremost Pistol Matches in the Southeastern United States!  We have been steadily developing our Rifle Matches and that has been a huge benefit for our membership and we feel like that can now take off and be a catalyst for our younger shooters.

Our membership is excited at all of the possibilities our new area offers; we have more than enough acreage (146 acres) to develop ANYTHING we want to.  The enthusiasm of our membership and prospective new members is fueling everyone connected to the project and with so much support we feel our future is assured.

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