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I hope you all marked your calendar and are planning on attending our Club Social on Saturday May 7th at 11:00 at the Pistol Range. We are planning to have lunch and a Club update & discussion. You will want to hear the good news. We are going to have the lunch catered with pulled pork and grilled chicken, sides, and tea. We will have the lunch stuff covered. Bring your family, significant other, chairs, and anything you’re going to need for a couple of hours or so. Donations of $10 per adult and $5 for kids will be appreciated to help offset costs. By the way, this could be a good opportunity for you to find a good home for shooting gear you’re not using. We expect some trading and selling to be going on. We hope to see you there.

George Lander
President, TSSI

Some other things you need to know:

About April 1st we sent out Club ID Badges to all of you, if you did not receive that in the mail, please call Barry at 553-7165, we also heard that some of these got mixed and some members received another member’s badge, please let me know this too where we can make replacement badges and get them out.

We do have classes available and are offering them on an individual basis, please contact Barry at 553-7165 or barry at fikespix.com and schedule whatever training you want.

From one of you steel craftsmen types – we need a tool: when our steel target holders gets shot, we need a repair tool – what should work would be a steel bar that is 3/4″ x 1-1 1/2″ and at least 12″ long with one end of the 3/4″ section tapered down to 1/2″. If this is something you can whip up, please contact me where I don’t wind up with several of you doing the same thing. [Barry at 553-7165 or barry at fikespix.com]

We have been doing a lot of repairs around the bunkers, from fixing roads to welding plates back and modifying swingers – if you run into any problem related to that area, please let one of us know where we can make sure what we are doing is all going in the right direction. While on this topic, we must reiterate our POLICY OF SHOOTING STEEL WITH STANDARD VELOCITY PISTOL ROUNDS ONLY – NO MAGNUMS! Some of the plates have been getting the daylights beat out them. Do your part too and don’t leave the rope uncoiled on the ground for the next guy so have to deal with a muddy rope.

Thanks and we hope to see you May 7th!

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Member Update

TSSI Members:

Just a quick message on a few things.  We are making a lot of progress with the Club, the facilities are great, we have adequate money in the bank, and we have about 130 paid members for 2016.  In an earlier communication, we had mentioned a gate combination change was planned for March 1st.  We have rescheduled that for April 1st, so you should be getting that information later this month.  We don’t have many past due members, but if you still need to pay your 2016 dues, please make arrangements to do that immediately.  The Board has approved a $25 late charge, so it will be added to the original payment.  Finally, the Club is planning a luncheon at the range on Saturday May 7th, so save that date.  Additional information will be provided later.

Be Safe!

George P. Lander

Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Inc.

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CMP Rimfire Rifle Match This Weekend


CMP Rimfire Rifle Match

March 5th @ 9:00 am10:00 am

Sight in before match start time

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TSS Notes

First of all, to those of you who came out and help Saturday – THANK YOU!! We had a fantastic turn out and got a world of things done and as a result the place looks great because of your efforts!

Appleseed this Saturday & Sunday.  If you are going to come – to shoot or help – Please contact me today – either phone, text or email [886-7165 or barry@fikespix.com].  Many have told me that you want to come help or just see what goes on and do it the next time but we need to sign up some of us who are leaving openings for others and fill this out better than it stands now.  If you are participating and have not signed up please do so now. Signup

We finally got register boxes up on the ranges (except the bunkers) and will have Range Registers and Guest Waivers at each of them. Everybody who shoots MUST sign in on the register on every range you shoot at.  All of our New Members who joined Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports have signed a waiver.  EVERYBODY ELSE WHO SHOOTS ON THE RANGES MUST SIGN A NEW WAIVER – IF YOU CAME IN WHILE WE WERE TUSCALOOSA GUN CLUB BEFORE MOVING TO THE NEW RANGE -YOU NEED TO DO A NEW WAIVER.  Any Guest, Spouse, or Child who shoots MUST do a waiver – ONLY ONE WAIVER is needed and somebody coming back after doing a waiver is covered, as well as at all of the ranges.  There is a slot on the boxes to drop the waivers in.


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TSS Work Day This Saturday

Just a short update … weather is looking great for Saturday so we’re hoping for a productive work day.  We’ll start around 8:30 AM and hope you can come join us.  We should finish by lunch time.  For what it’s worth, several of us will probably work and then go grab a sandwich or pizza and come back and do some shooting.  Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend a January Saturday?

Please bring gloves, if you have a pole saw or chain saw bring it. Like work days past, we will do some limb cutting and haul them off opening up our roadways and clearing back from the 50 Yard Range where we can raise the side berm.  We’ll move some left over lumber and make a fire or two as well as anchor some crossties.  But NO real hard work.

Thanks and hope to see you at 8:30!


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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits have been ordered.  I was told they must be hand assembled and to expect 4 weeks.  If you have already paid – Thank You, if you ordered, please try and get your $60 each to me before long, that’s going to hit my checking account pretty smartly


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Gate Information

We have abandoned using the Yellow Gate into the Range and are only using the Red Gate. The lock combination has not changed, however, we will change it on March 1st and will notify all members current on dues & Safety Briefings of the new combination before that date.

In conjunction with changing gates, you no longer need to sign-in at the old mailbox, we are installing new dropboxes on all of the shelters and on the Safety Board at the Bunkers. These dropboxes will have a range sign-in log and waivers. EVERYBODY SHOOTING ON THAT RANGE NEEDS TO SIGN IN, AND THAT INCLUDES MEMBERS, SPOUSES, FAMILY AND GUEST. WE NEED A WAIVER ON EVERYBODY-MEMBERS HAVE DONE THAT ON THEIR APPLICATION PACKAGES- OLD MEMBERS, WE NEED A NEW WAIVER FOR TSSI, SPOUSES, FAMILY, AND GUEST – WE NEED ONE ON THEM – BUT ONCE WE HAVE A WAIVER ON AN INDIVIDUAL, THAT’S IT, THEY DON’T EVER NEED TO DO ANOTHER ONE. [Spectators do not need to do either-just those shooting] All waivers should be dropped into that dropbox.

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Appleseed Shoot

appleseedTSSC is hosting an Appleseed Shoot scheduled February 6 & 7. The Appleseed is the best rifle training you will ever get! For adults it cost $60 (I think) and kids are $20 (Mil & LEOs are free) … this is for boys & girls on up to senior ages. It is another .22 event and most will shoot up a brick of .22s at it and it is an all day thing Saturday and most of Sunday. It is training on all of the nuances of rifle shooting woven with education of the American Revolution as a background for our 2nd Amendment. Everybody regardless of their skill level will come away with an improved marksmanship skill-set.

We have 10 slots available in February so if you’re interested see the link below and get signed up while there are openings. I guarantee you will think it the best shooting time & money you’ll ever spend. These shoots are events we want to develop at our club into “freestanding” where we can do them ourselves without having to bring in instructors from other clubs so please think about this and hopefully by the end of the year (we have others June 4-5 & October 8-9) you might also be one of our instructors to help us in the future.

To sign up, click HERE to sign up for the February event.

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2016 Dues

It’s that time and they are now due. Please make checks payable to: Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports

If you need to mail your check, our address is now:

Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports
P.O. Box 1242
Northport, AL 35476-1242

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Please be aware that ONLY NON-MAGNUM PISTOL CALIBERS are the only rounds permitted for these targets!

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