Gun Club Work Day

Hello all and I hope you all had a great Easter!

All of this rain has slowed us down in getting things done at the range so we’re hoping to get back to the job at hand. We went today and loaded a trailer with 2x4s to layout concrete forms at the range hopefully tomorrow – Wednesday (4/8) and we will start at 9:00 AM. You are cordially invited to come help. The areas where we will pour the concrete is prepared an all we need to do is put down the forms and stake them down. If you have a favorite sledge hammer, bring it. If you have a pick, hoe or shovel that fits your hand, bring it, may not need it but it’s no good at home if you do need it at the range. I want to have that finished on Wednesday where we can have the concrete delivered Thursday and finish it off then. Realistically, either of these jobs should only be a few hours and if we don’t have any problems we should be home before lunch.

Providing this concrete works out right, we should be able to get going on building the covers over the firing points next week some time.

We picked up a new member that has a portable welding trailer and while shopping today, we picked up a fair amount of 1×2″ steel tubing that we will make target holders with in the very near future.

Additionally, we have the post necessary to put together the rain water collection system to drive the toilet and hope to get that done right away.

All in all, things are coming together and with our steady growth things are looking great for all of us. Thanks for your continued support!


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We had scheduled a SAFETY BRIEFING & ORIENTATION for this coming Sunday @ 1:00 PM at the range, however, we must change that since all of this weather has turned our location into a big mudpie and I don’t want anybody, much less everybody to be going away mad about getting their cars messed up.  We had also announced that we will be meeting for dinner this coming Tuesday @ 6:00 PM at Mr  Bill’s in Northport and that is still a go, but we will also take care of the SAFETY BRIEFING & ORIENTATION at that gathering.  We will schedule another SAFETY BRIEFING & ORIENTATION before long but if you are having difficulty in attending one of our scheduled meetings, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

In the earlier note I mentioned that our Chief Safety Officer has scheduled a Range Safety Officer Certification on March 14th (8am-5pm) and a Handgun Instructor Certification March 30-31st (9am-5pm).   James tells me there are a few openings on both of these classes if any of you are interested, either check on these at or call him at 333-3258 – [the club will pick up these cost if you agree to use these classes for the club’s benefit].


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Gun Club Notes

This seems like the right time to pass on some information, so here goes.

Our next SAFETY BRIEFING & ORIENTATION is scheduled for MARCH 8th @ 1:00 PM; this is just the Sunday after this coming one when we roll back to Daylight Savings Time so it will offer some time on the ranges too afterwards. If you couldn’t make the first one or this one, please contact me and I’ll see about another time of the week to schedule a make-up. The next briefings could be sometime in May to July. In addition to this James Hester has scheduled a 1st Steps Rifle Course for March 1st (1-4pm), a Range Safety Officer Certification on March 14th (8am-5pm) and a Handgun Instructor Certification March 30-31st (9am-5pm) – [the club will pick up these cost if you agree to teach classes for the club]. Check on these at

After getting off to a roaring start and having all of the excavation completed back in late December, we now have all of them operational. They are all INCOMPLETE, however, there are tables & some target stands on the 50 yard Range as well as the Falling Plates are working in the bunker ranges. The 100 yard & 300 yard Ranges have the picnic tables there to use as shooting benches for now. With the great help of Ron Bolton we got started installing target boards on the 100 & 300 yard Ranges, however, after hitting bedrock close to the surface on some spots, I have a friend coming as soon as the weather breaks to bore the rest of the holes with a tractor and let us install the rest of the 4x4s and finish that project then too.

The weather has ground our rapid progress to a halt at this time but as soon as the rain clears out (maybe next week or the following week) we have the locations ready to put forms out and pour concrete on the 50, 100 & 300 yard Ranges. Hopefully within a week or two thereafter we should be moving on construction of the Pavilions on the 100 & 300 yard Ranges. Budget allowing, we may do one for the 50 yard Range as well. As soon as we have covers over the 100 & 300 yard Firing Lines, we will build some heavy shooting benches (2 for the 100 and 4-6 for the 300). We have been kicking around several different target stand designs and possible builders. Although this is a little bogged down at this time, it should resolve itself about the same time the pavilions are up. Hopefully we can acquire some additional steel targets as this has always been a most popular shoot, once we see where the budget is after the principal ranges are completed we will see how far we can go with this improvement. We need to run some soil test and figure the right fertilizer combinations and we will plant grass on most of the ranges & bunkers. The roadways are operation and in pretty solid shape for use, however, there is one area after you enter the main gate and take the left turn (going to the bunkers) that is not passable and requires some additional build-up of that roadbed. In rainy times the roads may be a little slick so caution is required but given some time, everything should mature into a gravel top roadway that will be good for rain or shine. I see no reason that we should not be 100% on these ranges before May 1st!

I want to start a club “GET TOGETHER”; this was a great suggestion by Corley Odom and let’s give it a shot TUESDAY MARCH 10th at Mr Bill’s @ 6:00 PM. We can meet then and maybe later try Thursday or Monday nights too and see which works best and try to do this perhaps once every quarter. This will be a very informal dinner (dutch) and allow us to do some bonding, talk about various issues and projects in a comfortable atmosphere and perhaps pull us together closer & have a better feel of the pulse of the club, so please plan of joining us. PLEASE R.S.V.P. TO ME ON THIS WHERE THEY CAN BEST ACCOMMODATE US – BY THE WAY, THEY ASK ON LARGE GROUPS TO LEAVE AT LEAST A $2 TIP AND THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO US. If this is something you want to do but can’t make this one, let me know the problem where we may be able to better schedule it in the future – thanks.

We are still in the process of rewriting and finalizing the club documents. This has been something we were serious about improving and in doing so seem to be “recreating the wheel”, but for a much better ride being the end product. Where the gun club has been like a neighborhood club, we are moving towards operating like a real organization with an elected Board of Directors overseeing the organization and appointing the officers to run the day-to-day issues. We in the Executive Committee are all open to talk with you about this but to cover it well would require an extensive message, so if you have questions please feel free to call me, Tim or Russ. As soon as all of that comes together we will schedule a Club Business Meeting, hopefully before mid-April.

I have just built 6 more target stands like the 4-H team built down at Moundville but they are spaced for two of the B-27 police silhouettes (23”x45”), left & right where you have two targets to shoot and don’t tear up the center post by stapling one over the center post.

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One other thing, there will be a small group training on the 50 yard Range and on the plates as well this Saturday (tomorrow morning) but should be finished by noon, so come on out after lunch and enjoy yourselves!

Finally, I am attaching a map of the range for you to print out to use when at the range. As you will notice it also shows what we are planning and I hope this helps you understand our future. Any thoughts or criticism are invited, I agree it needs to be better – help me help you by improving it.

If you run into a problem of any kind or I can answer any question, please feel free to call me. I am at the range almost every day and I’m there to help and ensure that what we are doing is as good and safe as it can possibly be. If you are shooting and I show up watching what you are doing, I’m not being nosy, just watching for potential problems.

Thanks again for your support,
Barry Fikes

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The NEW Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Club

Welcome to the Tuscaloosa Gun Club website.  However, Tuscaloosa Gun Club is now Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Club and the range we used South of Moundville has now been vacated and the new club resides at a great new facility located at 13401 Lake Harris Road in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (35406).  The new facility opens January 2, 2015 and will allow us to provide safe shooting ranges for virtually any discipline the club wishes to support.  In the past our range only offered a 50-yard Pistol Range, a 100-yard Rifle Range and a Falling Steel Plate Pistol Area.  As we open our new facility we will again have a 50-yard Pistol Range and a 100-yard Rifle Range but we will also open a new 300-yard Rifle Range and multiple ranges for Steel Challenge, Tactical or Defensive Training.  Additionally, in Phase Two, which we hope to complete in early 2016, we hope to open some Shotgun Ranges.  We see the Shotgun area as the one, which will attract our new members most, and for this reason we are committed to make that a 1st Class venue.  Another feature of that area will be a large Dove Field to support several Shoots for our members & guest.

Due to a fortunate turn of events we will also have a 1000-yard Rifle Range and also a 50-yard Bullseye Pistol Competition Range along with a twin Training Range connected by a Training Facility.  We expect this phase to be completed before 2018.  At this time this is the extent of our plans for our ranges, we want to maintain enough flexibility to not constrain our vision and development in the future.

Nevertheless, just as we were a SAFETY FIRST organization in the past, we are committed to be even more so in the future.  We have always been a Family Friendly shooting club and we will not change that in the future.

We were founded on Pistol Competition and although we will not do that at this time, our Bullseye Competition Facility, when completed (as earlier stated in the 2017-2018 time frame) we expect to have the foremost Pistol Matches in the Southeastern United States!  We have been steadily developing our Rifle Matches and that has been a huge benefit for our membership and we feel like that can now take off and be a catalyst for our younger shooters.

Our membership is excited at all of the possibilities our new area offers; we have more than enough acreage (146 acres) to develop ANYTHING we want to.  The enthusiasm of our membership and prospective new members is fueling everyone connected to the project and with so much support we feel our future is assured.

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