300 Yard Range Now OPEN

The shelter has been completed except for the shooting benches and is OPEN again. Check out the updated photos under Range Progress link.

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Road Update

The Lake Harris road has recently been graded by the county and is now in great shape

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Tuscaloosa Friends of NRA

Tuscaloosa Friends of NRA


For more information, click HERE

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300 Range Closed

The 300 will close Tuesday, 08/25/2015 for shelter construction while
we are working at it and will be closed for about 3 weeks.

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100 Yard Range is now OPEN

The 100 yard range is now open and at 100% as is the
50 yd range.

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100 Yard Range is CLOSED

We began construction on the 100 yard Range shelter early this week and it is Closed.  Routinely, it would be a situation where you could use ranges that are under construction when we were not there so long as you observed extreme caution and did so in a manner and area where such activity could be done safely, however, we had to remove the shooting table this morning to allow us space to set up ladders and scaffolding.  After we used the 50 yard Pistol Range much as a test model on how to do better on the other ranges, we feel like this one should be operational much sooner than the time we had the other range down.  Bare with us and we should have it up in a few weeks. Thanks

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The county has let us down in their obligation to maintain Lake Harris Road and as a result when we have significant rainfall in the area of our ranges it is dangerous to travel on our only access road in and out.  A layer of fine dirt has collected on the roadway that when wet has the consistency of grease and it is even dicey with 4WD vehicles, therefore, if it rains and you are in a 2WD vehicle, the right answer until the road is dry or graded again is to either get out or not come in.  When it rained yesterday we had one vehicle damaged and another treacherously close to bent metal too.  The road did dry quickly after the rain but smart advice is simply don’t risk it.  With the possible exception of the hill next to our 300 yard Range (which can become slick), on our property roadways are in good shape and not an issue.  If you get in and in a predicament, please give me a call before you try something dangerous and I’ll be happy to come try and help.


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Range Open on the 4th!

Although work is not complete on the ranges, all ranges are open for the 4th of July weekend.  The 50 yard Pistol Range is nearing completion but it is okay to shoot on it now.  All of the major ranges (the 50 Pistol, the 100 and 300 yard Rifle Ranges) have been cultivated, fertilized and seeded, therefore, you might have to walk downrange to keep from getting stuck, but it is still okay to shoot on any of the ranges.  We will get back on roofing the 50 yard range Monday and when we are not working, it should be okay to fire on this range so take the opportunity this weekend to get out and enjoy the facilities.

Please note there is a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match scheduled for the following Saturday (July 11) at 9:00AM, this is a great opportunity to work on your rifle marksmanship skills in a relaxed and inviting environment for only $10!

We want you to enjoy these ranges but we also want them left in the same condition as when you first arrived where those after you can also enjoy the ranges to their fullest.  Simply stated, if people are comfortable tearing things up, we will not throw money at replacing or continually fixing things that are regularly abused and destroyed, please help us protect our ranges.

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Business Meeting at the Range

Please be in attendance this Saturday (06/13/2015) at our range at 11:00AM for our initial Business Meeting. We will elect our Board of Directors and conduct necessary business and your participation is strongly encouraged. This is an important meeting and for that reason we request you reply confirming your receipt of this notice. We will attempt to call those of you who do not respond as we must notify as many of our members as possible.


We should have our Bylaws posted on our website later today.  Please take the time to read over these and if you have any issues regarding them, you may bring that up at the meeting on Saturday.

We expect to erect the support posts on the 50 yard Pistol Range today or tomorrow and continue until we complete that pavilion as soon as possible. Therefore, it will be dangerous to be on that range during construction and it will be closed until the shelter is finished. Additionally, there are footers dug around the 100 yard Sight In Range; it is not closed but you must exercise extreme caution and not step in one of those holes!

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Gun Club Work & Updates

1. We got the concrete pads poured last Tuesday on the three main ranges – the 50 Yard Pistol Range and both the 100 Yard and the 300 Yard Rifle Ranges. The forms have been removed from the concrete but that leaves a “do it on your own schedule work project”. Rather than have a specific work day, we are asking that about a half dozen people individually help us by gathering the forms and stack them there on the range where we can then store those forms to use at a later date on our next concrete project. If you can do this please give me a call and I can tell you what you need to do and what if any tools you will need. We had two members do a segment this afternoon and they were through in reasonably short order and with the weather pretty pleasant this is not a lot of work for even a single person.

2. We hope to get started on the pavilions over the pads we just poured within the next week or two. We will most likely build the cover over the 300 Yard Rifle range first and that will give us a good measure for the time, effort and cost to do the other two. Somewhere in the course of that phase we need to plant grass on the ranges; there’s no hard date set on this but the time and weather is right to go ahead with that soon.

3. I sent an e-mail out last week about the gate combination changing because of some issues that needed resolving. Problem was solved, so gate combination is back to what it was. However, that combination is ONLY on our main gate – which is the gate we had at Moundville and is the gate closest to the cell tower on that side of the road. Any problems, call me (205-886-7165). The gate by the 300 Yard Rifle Range is a service gate that we will not typically use. Everyone using the ranges is responsible for insuring the ranges are always secure so when entering and leaving, lock the gate behind you!

4. Expect to see the old mailbox we had at Moundville reappear close to our main gate where we should all sign in and out when we come to shoot. I don’t have a hard date on this so when you see it, stop and put your name in the book.

5. To those of you (and me included) who have had a clock on the legal side of the transition to our new club, we have changed our attorney on this and expect to wrap all of that up within the next 2-3 weeks. This will give us a target date of 13 June to have a Business Meeting at the Ranges at 11:00 AM, so please plan to attend and hopefully nothing will come up to change this date. The monthly CMP .22 Sporter Match is scheduled for 9:00 AM and will finish by 10:00 and just be an extra game to play that day. Anyone wanting to shoot after the meeting has a thumbs up.

6. We NEED … plastic coated corrugated signboard like they use on political signs or real estate yard signs – big as we can find – 4’x8′ would be perfect. Seems like the sheets we bought cost $75-80 each (4×8′) so any of these we can locate for free or some eco-salvage price is the way we need to go. Ask around and see if you can locate any and we’ll take all we can get, if the price is right.

7. Need Firewood? My logger got down to the end of his timber work and had about a half of a truck load of hardwood that he couldn’t deliver to the mill, so it’s still on a loading deck on the property. It looks like it’s mostly 12″ Oak logs in a stack and has been drying for about 3 months so it should split fairly easily. This wood is very easy and safe to access where all you need to do is back up to the stack, cut it into lengths and load it up. It’s right where we will build our Trap & Skeet Range and access the Dove Field so I need to get this gone or will have to pay my bulldozer man to push it over onto the scrap pile to either burn or cover over. It’s free, call me if you’re interested.

To all of you – Thanks again!
Barry Fikes

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